General Birding Links

Joe Morlan’s California Birding PagesOne of the best websites for birding in California
   All about Birds – Cornell site with basic info and sound links for birds
Shearwater Journeys – Best Pelagic Birding in Central and Northern California
Before your trip, take a look at Through the Seasons: Monterey Bay
PRBO Conservation SciencePoint Reyes Bird Observatory
Golden Gate Raptor ObservatoryInfo on migrating fall raptors in the Marin Headlands
American Birding AssociationCaters to recreational birders
The North American Bird Banding Program – Learn about bird banding
Includes How to report a banded bird
Central Valley Bird Club – For birding in the “Great Valley”,  which heavily influences the birds of East Contra Costa Co.
Don Roberson Creagrus -A resource for Monterey birding, bird families of the world, and more. Take a look at “California Birding History” (1960-1989)The Birds of North America species accounts online!  $40 a year gets you a great birding reference!
Gary Ritchison’s website – Wonderful avian biology site
Sora – search archived scientific papers from various ornithological organizations
Birds of StanfordLink toPaul Ehrlich’s essays on various aspects of avian life history
Google Scholar– Intended as a first stop for researchers looking for peer-reviewed papers, books, abstracts and technical reports
The A.O.U. Check-list of North American Birds, Seventh EditionOfficial list of 2,037 birds found in North and Middle America
University of Puget Sound Wing Photos Actual photos of various bird species’ wings
Wageningen University and Research Centre Experimental Zoology GroupGreat bird skull collection site.

Avian Image- Bird Photography

Mike Danzenbaker’s Website Breathtaking images of birds – local and from all over the world.
Dave’s Birds– Dave has given me many images over the years to use in my class presentations.
Les Lieurance’s Video Page  Wonderful videos and images. Lots of rare California birds.
Peter LaTourrette’s North American Bird Photo Gallery
Tom Gray’s Birds Photo page Palo Alto photographer with wonderful local images.
Bob Steele Photography Great avian images from a Kern County photographer.
Untamed Images– From Cupertino photographer, Michael Pollack.
Joe Morlan’s Recent Rarities California rarities to study.
WFO Photo Gallery – Mostly California rarities.
Arizona Bird Record Committee – Photos of Arizona’s rare birds
Oriental Bird Images – A data base for the Oriental Bird Club.
Arthur Grosset’s Birds – Many nice images of South American species and more
San Francisco Bay Area Birders Flickr site
Glen Tepke
Bob Lewis
Bob Power
Scott Hein

Avian Image – Informative Bird Movies on YouTube

Oak Titmouse feeding young Skip to 1:30 seconds to hear new nestlings respond to adult call.