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Answer to Quiz – Purple Finch”vireo” song /Cassin’s Vireo song comparison

The first vocalization is of a Purple Finch singing a “vireo” song high in the redwoods at Redwood Regional park. After a pause, listen to the Cassin’s Vireo song with similar song notes, but a different, more nasal quality. When hearing one these songs, the Purple Finch might give away its identity by breaking off into his typical, finch-like, rolling song.

Northern Mockingbird Recording for Class Study.

Northern Mockingbird – Here’s another mocking bird song, recorded April 28, 2013 at Valle Vista Staging area, near Moraga, CA. Listen for mimicked sounds of local species, including Killdeer, Northern Flicker, House Wren call, baby Purple Finch, American Kestral, Ash-throated Flycatcher, and Rufous-crowned Sparrow call.

Blue Grosbeak – Dawn song of the male recorded at 5:24am, May 24, 2013, along S. Tracy Blvd., near Highway 4, San Joaquin County.

Rufous-crowned Sparrow – Male song, recorded during Birding by Ear class, 8:11am May 18, 2013, near Vollmer Peak, Tilden Regional Park.

Yellow-headed Blackbird – Adult and fledglings near nest. Recorded in Sierra Valley, CA

Tricolored Blackbird – Birds on a wire. Recorded in Byron, CA

Lawrence’s Goldfinch – Male singing to female on nest. Recorded at Galileo Hills, Kern County, CA

California Thrasher and local siren, Moraga, CA