Bird Sounds Recordings to Purchase

Bird Songs of California One of the best collections of California bird sounds, offering the widest range of sounds for a given species. Liner notes give recording locations, and informative comments.

Bird Voices of Northern California Birds – by Mad River Biologists Ron LeValley and David Fix. This 2 CD set has 190 species, with most field recordings by Ron LeValley and friends.  Spoken narration gives insight into ways to remember the bird’s sounds.  One of my favorite CD set.

Peterson Field Guides – Western Birding by Ear   Comparing similar bird songs.
Peterson Field Guides – Western Bird Sounds A sampling of many western species.  Mostly each species primary song or call often with additional vocalizations.

Stokes Bird Songs – Western Edition Also a useful reference.
Bird Songs of the Pacific States Bird songs grouped by habitat.

Cornell Master Guide to Bird Sounds – 4938 downloadable bird sounds for $49.99.  Many of the recording I use in class.