Bird Sounds Readings

Readings Online (*these have listening links)
*Anna’s Hummingbirds make popping sound with their tail feathers. From UC Berkeley News.
Wrentits  Grinnell’s 1913 article in the Condor
*Cornell Lab of Ornitholgy’s All About Birds Tips for beginners learning bird sounds.
*Gary Ritchison’s Bird Vocalizations site Readings, videos and additonal links.
Birds sing in their sleep From the BBC
Vocal DevelopmentVocal FunctionVocal DialectsVocal Copying   From Stanford
(European) Robins forced to sing at night to beat traffic noise From the Guardian (UK)
Birdsong and Human Speach: Common Themes and Mechanisms –A.J. Doupe, P. K. Kuhl
*Describing Bird Sounds in Words   by Nathan Pieplow – ABA article from July/August Birding.
*Red Crossbill Research Mad River Biologists
Why Pishing Work –  Interesting ideas on why that noise birders make works.