For students of my birding classes and everyone interested in learning more about the birds and bird sounds in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Golden Gate Audubon Society – Birding by Ear I will be teaching Birding by Ear spring class, starting April 27th.  Field trips include Valle Vista Staging Area,  Redwood Regional Park, Vollmer Peak, Diablo Foothills, Sibley Volcanic Regional Preserve, and Mitchell Canyon.  This session is now full.

Take a look at the course from The Cornell Lab on How to Identify Bird Songs.

Bewick’s Wren singing in chamise at Diablo Foothills Regional Park.  Watch the male make the thin “seet” notes between the songs, which could be interpreted as a different bird making begging calls. This sound during the intervals is mostly heard during the breeding season.

Here’s the spectrogram of the interval notes, then the song.










A female Nuttall’s Woodpecker give the “Kweek” call at the beginning of this movie (Red-breasted Nuthatch singing in the background). Recorded in Orinda, CA on 19 March 2017.


April bird sounds recorded at Diablo Foothills – downloadable from SoundCloud


Cooper’s Hawk “Whaa” call.   Recorded 23 December 2015 at Diablo Foothills Regional Park, Walnut Creek.

The Official California Checklist by the California Bird Records Committee – Follows the new AOU changes!

Burrowing Owls - July 2013







Birding by Ear – Ten Tips on how to start birding by ear